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Abseiling for Construction & Building Maintenance in Little Portugual

It is not always possible to access your Little Portugual building once the scaffold has been struck and using cherry pickers is simply too expensive. To put things in perspective, our abseilers can usually complete the task for the cost of hiring a cherrypicker! and that doesn’t include anyone to actually complete the work you need, it’s only the hiring cost.

If you add that to the inconvenience of trying manoeuvre a massive lorry to the work area, abseiling really does make sense. Or abseilers can reach any area of your building to assist with installations or repair an ongoing issue, be it a leaking gutter, replacing glazing, adding an expansion joint or inspecting for faults.

Using abseiling for building maintenance

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Rope Access Building Maintenance Services for Little Portugual And Surrounding Counties

Periodic testing & certification of class A1 anchors and fall protection equipment.

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Using professional stone cleaning systems and abseiling methods, stone can be cleaned perfectly.

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No need for scaffold or cherry pickers to repair an exterior leak. Our abseilers can do it.

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    Facts About Little Portugual

    Little Portugual History

    Many families from Portugal first settled in the area during the 1960s and 1970s. A large amount worked in the catering and hospitality trade, with some women gaining a reputation as efficient and courteous domestic servants. Later, others, with their savings, started to open restaurants on the South Lambeth Road.

    General Info

    Little Portugal is an area in South London, specifically between Vauxhall, Stockwell and Brixton where there is a large Portuguese community. To some extent, the area geographically corresponds with the South Lambeth area. There are estimated to be some 27,000 Portuguese in this part of London, which makes it one of the largest communities within the Portuguese British population.

    There is also a sizable Brazilian community residing in Little Portugal as well. Many London Portuguese can trace their origins to Madeira. Other places in London with a considerable Portuguese population are the Golborne Road area in Notting Hill and other areas around Ladbroke Grove.