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Facade Cleaning London

Cleaning building facades from top to bottom, no matter how tall your building., we specialise in comprehensive facade cleaning services in London. No matter how tall yourbuilding, we’re equipped to clean it from top to bottom, leaving it looking fresh and rejuvenated.

Brick cleaning

Brick buildings can accumulate dirt and grime over time, diminishing their appearance. Our brick cleaning services notonly remove dirt and grime but also revitalise the colour of red or yellow bricks using a range of biodegradable chemicals

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Glass facade cleaning

Our experienced abseilers utilise traditional window cleaning tools to clean glass facades. Whether it’s external windows,internal atriums, post-construction cleaning, or regular maintenance cleans, our team is skilled in all aspects of glasscleaning.

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Aluminium cladding cleaning

Aluminium cladding in London can become extremely dirty over time. Warehouses that have many lorries coming and going will become soiled with traffic film. Using our steam cleaning systems, this grime is washed away leaving a lasting first impression for your visitors.

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Natural Stone Facade Cleaning

Our rope access methods allow us to access and clean natural stone facades efficiently and effectively. By utilising professional stone cleaning equipment, we can turn back the years and restore your building to its original beauty withoutthe need for local authority permits

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Rope Access Facade Cleaning Services for London And Surrounding Counties

Façade cleaning at this residential property in Essex, that was not of any great height but, had no access for other forms of access equipment. Abseiling was the solution and the results were outstanding.

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This beautiful natural stone building was looking tired from the day to day London traffic. Rope access was seen as the most cost effective method of access.

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This car park in Essex was filthy. It hadn’t been cleaned, ever. As access to three elevations was extremely tight, abseiling was the only method that could achieve the results.

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A new acquisition for our client needed a freshen up. Out of hours abseiling was the best way to clean this building in the heart of the City of London.

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Brick colour restoration

Before colour restoration

This client requested a test patch before assign us the job of cleaning their building. We carried this out with amazing results.

After colour restoration

These are the pictures of the test patch that we sent to the client. Her reaction was simply ‘WOW’. That’s the perfect response for us.

Torik Stone Cleaning System Features

150 degrees centigrade steam cleaning power

Provides a continues flow of superheated water to penetrate stone and deep clean, removing organic growth & ground in dirt.

We use Tensid (uk) Ltd

Providers of specialist cleaning equipment and specialist cleaning chemicals to professionals.

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