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Abseiling for Construction & Building Maintenance in Shoreditch

It is not always possible to access your Shoreditch building once the scaffold has been struck and using cherry pickers is simply too expensive. To put things in perspective, our abseilers can usually complete the task for the cost of hiring a cherrypicker! and that doesn’t include anyone to actually complete the work you need, it’s only the hiring cost.

If you add that to the inconvenience of trying manoeuvre a massive lorry to the work area, abseiling really does make sense. Or abseilers can reach any area of your building to assist with installations or repair an ongoing issue, be it a leaking gutter, replacing glazing, adding an expansion joint or inspecting for faults.

Using abseiling for building maintenance

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Rope Access Building Maintenance Services for Shoreditch And Surrounding Counties

Periodic testing & certification of class A1 anchors and fall protection equipment.

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Using professional stone cleaning systems and abseiling methods, stone can be cleaned perfectly.

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No need for scaffold or cherry pickers to repair an exterior leak. Our abseilers can do it.

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    Facts About Shoreditch

    Shoreditch History

    Shoreditch High Street and Kingsland Road are a small sector of the Roman Ermine Street and modern A10. Known also as the Old North Road, it was a major coaching route to the north, exiting the City at Bishopsgate. The east-west course of Old Street–Hackney Road was also probably originally a Roman Road, connecting Silchester with Colchester, bypassing the City of London to the south.

    In 1574 the City authorities banned the building of playhouses in the City of London area, consequently, theatres were built in the suburbs, beyond its jurisdiction. This priory was located between Shoreditch High Street and Curtain Road to east and west, and Batemans Row and Holywell Lane to north and south. Nothing remains of it today.

    General Info

    Shoreditch is a district in the East End of London, forming the southern part of the London Borough of Hackney, with neighboring parts of Tower Hamlets also perceived as a part of the area. In the 16th century, Shoreditch was an important center of the Elizabethan Theatre, and it has been an important entertainment center since that time; today hosting many pubs, bars and nightclubs.

    The most commercial areas lie closest to the city of London and along the A10 Road, with the rest mostly residential. Other scholars, however, have challenged this interpretation on the grounds that the City of London lies between Shoreditch and the Thames.

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