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Rope access window cleaners in Fitzrovia with years of experience

All our rope access window cleaning in Fitzrovia is carried out by professionals. Our staff have had many years honing their skills. This has enabled them to adapt to abseiling very easily and still maintain the standards required.

Every team member completes the IRATA training course every 3 years. This not only teaches abseiling skills but also teaches the importance of working in a safe environment and how to achieve this.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be surrounded by such awesome teams.

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Rope Access Window Cleaning for Fitzrovia And Surrounding Counties

The concave construction of this London building presented many issues for access. They were all overcome to achieve our goal.

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The brand new building in Vauxhall, London needed a complete builders clean of the glass and façade. Extreme delivered again.

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The BMU on this building was out of action. Extreme were called in to keep the PPM schedule on target with no loss of service.

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Another BMU breakdown. All pre-planned window cleaning could remain on schedule by employing Extreme.

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    Facts About Fitzrovia

    Fitzrovia History

    The core area of Fitzrovia has its roots in the ancient manor of Tottenham Court – first recorded as Þottanheale, from a charter from around AD 1000, the initia ‘Þ’ may have been a mistake by the scribe who should perhaps have used a ‘T’, as all subsequent records use an initial ‘T’. The manor was subsequently described as Totehele in the Domesday Book of 1086, Totenhale in 1184 and Totenhale Court by 1487.

    Much of Fitzrovia was developed by minor landowners, and this led to a predominance of small and irregular streets – in comparison with neighbouring districts like Marylebone and Bloomsbury, which were dominated by one or two landowners, and was thus developed more schematically, with stronger grid patterns and a greater number of squares.

    General Info

    Fitzrovia is a district in central London, near London’s West End. The original core area is in the London Borough of Camden, with a further area in the City of Westminster. It has its roots in the Manor of Tottenham Court and was urbanised during the 18th century. The informal term Fitzrovia was coined in the late 1930s and has varied in popularity since then.

    It is characterised by its mixed-use of residential, business, retail, education and healthcare, with no single activity dominating. The once bohemian area was home to writers as such as Virginia Woolf, George Bernard Shaw and Arthur Rimbaud. In 2016, The Sunday Times named the district as the best place to live in London.

    Rope Access Window Cleaning Fitzrovia